Sunday, November 30, 2014

Southside Market & BBQ

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On our trip back from Austin we stopped near Bastrop at Southside Market & BBQ. We had been to the one in Elgin which is on a different route home so this location in Bastrop works out much better for us.

When you walk in the layout is nice you go to the counter to place your order then you walk past the meat counter where you can purchase packaged items to cook at home.

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The dining area is great. I loved the long family table style feel and then there’s extra tables and booths if you prefer to sit alone.

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We ordered the 2 meat plate getting sausage and chicken $11.99 which also comes with 2 sides as well as the 3 meat plate for $14.99. Their meat is really good the sides on the other hand are bland and just ehh.

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We are a fan of their meat so we’ll be back for sure.

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