Friday, October 14, 2011

Fish City Grill

IMG_8603 [800x600]

I had raved to D about how good Fish City Grill was and told him I had to take him there. Last time I was there (click HERE for details) I had a bowl of Cream of Roasted JalapeƱo Soup was really good, but this time we tried the Clam Chowder $3.99. It was good as well, but I think I would rather have the jalapeno soup.

IMG_5175 (Copy)

For our first choice we went with a special on the board. Crab Stuffed Flounder with Chardonnay Cream Sauce $17.99. Although it sounded really good, it wasn’t. The fish was dry and over cooked and there wasn’t much stuffing. I felt like they just threw whatever they could on the plate and served it.

IMG_5177 (Copy)

We also ordered another black board special, Grilled Chilean Salmon with Bourbon Honey Glaze $14.99. This was a little better than the other dish. The potatoes and grits tasted really bland and the only good thing on the plate was the sauce.

IMG_5176 (Copy)

If this was our first time here I wouldn’t come back. All I can say is I’ll be sticking to the menu items from now on.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mr. C Hotel

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We had originally decided to stay one night in Los Angeles and one night in Beverly Hills, but considering the areas where we would be for convenience we decided to stay both nights in Beverly Hills. For $20 more a night it was the best decision we made. You might be a little shocked at the price of the hotel online, but if you search for “discount codes” online you’ll get a discounted rate. We had the discount code of Autumn and saved 30% a night. Trust me you won’t be disappointed with Mr. C Beverly Hills.

There’s several things I loved about this hotel, first off as you walk in a concierge person greats you with a cocktail and takes your name. You sit in the bar area while she goes off and checks you in. They walk you to your room make sure you are happy and leave you to go about your day. When you need your car you can call down there like you do at other hotels or you can text them your valet number. Quickest service I’ve ever seen! This hotel is modern, up to date and service is their number 1 goal. I felt like a princess here. The rooms are a generous size and even have a balcony. Our room faced the valley and you could see the Hollywood sign.

Walk into your room with a huge dressing mirror to your left, makeup area and bathroom to your right.

IMG_5298 (Copy)IMG_5297 (Copy)

IMG_5296 (Copy)IMG_5299 (Copy)

IMG_5301 (Copy)IMG_5302 (Copy)IMG_5303 (Copy)

There was a light shower that afternoon which revealed a double rainbow.

IMG_5304 (Copy)

If I ever head back I will be staying here for sure. I loved this hotel!!