Friday, January 23, 2015

Nom Mi Street

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It’s cold, raining and I had to leave my kid in the car because he’s asleep. (Not to worry hubby is in there with him!) We checked out a new food truck near hubby’s office today and boy am I glad we made the effort to stop! Nom Mi Street is one of my new favorite trucks out there.

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We ordered the chicken Banh Mi $6 (baguette sandwich made with nom mi mayo, cilantro, pickle carrots, cucumber, jalapeno, ground pepper and soy sauce) and also the small Pork Nom Mi Fries $6.24 (ciantro, sesamee seed, cheese, onion, Nom Mi special sauce, and hot Sriracha chili sauce, choice of meat). The pork is the way to go! So tender and it melts in your mouth!! I would go back in a heart beat for both items.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pane e Vino

Recently Pane e Vino opened up and had a lot of great reviews mixed in with some negative ones regarding the price and trying to mark up the “home made” flare. We decided to give them a go and try take out since it’s in a little strip center with limited seating.

We ordered a 10” Famous Pepperoni Cheese Pizza $9.48

IMG_1632 (800x600)

Seafood Cannelloni $20

IMG_1630 (800x600)

Traditional Lasagna $14

IMG_1631 (800x600)

Not an every night eat out kind of place. D and I where totally split on this place. I thought the lasagna was the worst I ever had and he made faces at the cannelloni sauce. Good thing we each liked our own dish and didn’t have to share. The pizza was the best thing and you could taste the wood fire flavor, but price wise it’s on the high end and with so many other places to eat at I’m not sure we’ll be back.

Sunday, January 4, 2015


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I think this has to be one of our favorite stops now. Gourdough’s has several locations in Austin as well as a brick and mortar restaurant we need to try.

I ordered the Sara’s Joy (Coconut Flavored Filling with Fresh Coconut and Fudge Icing). If you like Almond Joy you’ll like this one. The custard filling was really good, but the fudge almost made it too rich in flavor.

IMG_1368 (600x800)

D ordered the Carney (Apple Pie Topping, Dry Roasted Peanuts and Caramel). It basically tasted like a carnival in your mouth! Great balance of flavor and we almost both fought over the last bite. 

IMG_1369 (600x800)

Highly recommend visiting one of their locations for these tasty treats!

Ms. P’s Electric Cock

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Gotta love a good name like Ms. P’s Electric Cock! Now a days it’s all about marketing to make people want to stop when there’s so many places to choose from. Ms. P is awesome she’s so personal and chats you up while you wait which I thought was a really nice touch. The menu is straight forward. Be sure to keep an eye out on tv she’s been featured on more and more shows lately.

IMG_1371 (600x800)

3 piece Crispy Fried Chicken $7.50 (Spicy & juicy, made with Ms P's electric love. Served with roll & jalapeƱo) Fantastic chicken that’s super moist and the seasoning is spot on!

TRUFFLE MAC & CHEESE $5 (Cheesy goodness baked with seasoned bread crumbs, drizzled with truffle aioli) Must order if you like the thick cheese. I just loved the amount of truffle oil drizzled on top as well to really bring out the flavor.

Dirty Black Eyed Peas $5.00 (Slow cooked with smoked ham hocks, uncured pepper bacon, and a sachet of fresh herbs) They where good, but I’m not a black eyed pea person, hubby really enjoyed them. Her street corn is supposed to be amazing which is what I wanted, but it’s a seasonal item.

IMG_1377 (800x800)

I was also lucky enough that Ms. P is super nice and took a picture with me. She also said if you stand in the right place you get chick in the background so that was fun!

IMG_1373 (800x600)

The atmosphere here is fantastic, we can’t wait to come back and visit she’s got a great thing going!

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Dock & Roll Diner


We happened to see this food truck Dock & Roll Diner as we where waiting for our food at a near by food truck. We do love a good lobster roll so we decided to give them a go. for $14 you really get what you pay for the roll was 10 times better than any one we had in Maine! The lobster is really fresh and it’s STUFFED with meat. Even the bun is good it’s lightly toasted and really buttery. I highly recommend you stopping here if you are in the area.