Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Brick & Mortar

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Tonight we tried a new place which oddly enough is attached to a furniture store. It really doesn’t bother me considering how many places I’ve eaten within a mall, strip center, airport ect., but to some people it’s a big deal. I think it’s because it’s pushing to be more upscale casual and when you think about it furniture stores don’t usually scream that. I have to say after dinner it was nice walking through the store since there are so many attactions to see there like the monkies, fish and decor they had out for the holiday’s. Brick & Mortar is actually part of the family who owns the furniture store so why not expand like this?

It’s a trendy contemporary feel to it with the added “farm to table” advertisement which means we can charge more, and that’s exactally what they did. After seeing our check after dinner I don’t think I would be coming back unless it’s for their happy hour (everyday 4-7pm bar and lounge and patio area). Don’t plan on bringing the kids either it’s $10 for all kid items!

We started with the Tater Tots $12 (Texas cheddar cheese sauce, house made chorizo, pickeled jalapenos). The cheese sauce was really nice and thick, and due to the lack of tator tots in there you almost could have gotten a side of chips to eat the extra cheese with. Totally not worth $12 in my opinion due to the small portion.

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For the main dishes I have 4 to share with you since we where out with friends. First up the Braised Short Ribs $21 (grits, roasted cippolini onions, charred green onion, rosemary, bleu cheese). The bleu cheese had no relation to the dish I almost wish they left this off and added more grits. The ribs where really nice and tender.

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Next the Grilled Lamb Chops $24 (mushroom bordelaise, roasted new potatoes). This was probably the only dish worth ordering again at this price. You got a nice large serving of lamb and it was cooked right to perfection.

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Pork Chop $20 (Vanilla brine, haricot verts, mashed potatoes, champagne vinaigrette, marcona almonds). Let’s  just say the best part of the dish was the champagne vinaigrette and you could use more of it because the pork chop was dried out. I did like that it was a thick cut, but they need a meat thermomitor becuase it was overcooked.

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Lastly the BMK Burger $15 (Texas white cheddar, pickled onion, butter lettuce, garlic aioli fries). The burger was really juicy and I would go back just to have that again. Not at the $15 price, but at the $7 happy hour price. They also make their own ketchup here which was really good.

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Overall I’m not itching to go back unless I’m in the area for happy hour. They need to adjust some of the pricing for what you get there. Here’s a copy of their menu for lunch and dinner: (Did you catch it’s exactally the same? haha)

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Dish Society


So this was my second time to come to Dish Society and sadly I’m not more of a fan than last time. Once again they are “out” of some ingerdients and can’t make a few items on the menu. Since we where doing a “pub crawl” type of night I opted to eat at Baker Street Pub, our stop before, which now I’m glad I did. However I do have to say the best thing of the night was their Boozy Milkshakes $9. The Peach Cobbler they didn’t have peaches so I opted for the banana rum one. DR. ZAIUS (coconut syrup, banana, rum, amy’s spiced rum) They have booze in them you can taste which I liked. Someone else at the table ordered a hot chocolate and said it was really good.

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Our table ordered the pretzels and queso $8. I liked the pretzels but didn’t care for the queso, however I did like the thickness.

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I ordered a side dish of their Truffle Mac and Cheese $6. It was ok with lots of truffle flavor, but not one of the favorites I’ve had.

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Still not sold on this place, although I would probably come back and try another dinner.