Sunday, June 6, 2010

Barcelona, Spain and flying back home - Day 10

We headed to the Windjammer to eat our last breakfast then back to the room to gather our luggage and catch a cab to the airport.

Go figure I get randomly selected to get searched at the airport and have to make sure I check in at the gate 10 minutes before boarding. I figure since it's my birthday it's some special treatment. (Hey I'm trying to think positive!) Well the search wasn't exactly a smooth breeze. They picked 10 people from our flight (9 women and 1 man) and made us walk to an area that was blocked off to the public. I then had my carry on bag go through the x-ray before having to empty every last thing out of it. The female officer patted me down and turned on every electronic device I had. Once that was done I repacked all my junk and then filled was asked to write down my address and my parents names. The guy copied all my passport info and I was free to go. Well, that was until I had to be escorted back to my gate for some reason. As a bonus for "being selected" we where able to board the plane early (of course after the 1st class people) which was with all the elderly and children. Wasn't that big of deal because it was a full flight and I really didn't care to sit anymore then we had too. Oh well, I did what I had to do in order to keep our country safe.

I don't know what the deal is with the Northeastern weather, but we can't seem to have any luck with it! Our flight from Barcelona had to land in Boston due to low fuel and a storm system moving into Newark. We where told to hang out on the plane while they re-fueled and waiting to take off again. That lasted about 30 minutes until they decided the storm was so bad and a system was also moving into the Boston area so we where going back to the gate to deboard, go through customs, get all our bags and stand in line to get a new ticket to fly from Boston to Newark then we would have to figure out our connecting flight from there.

That would have been great, but as the wall of rain came we watched as it turned to a white out through our window. The pilot said we weren't lined up enough to connect the walkway so we had to sit there till the rain slacked a little. 20 minutes later we where walking off the plane.

We made it through customs then stood in line with everyone else. Luckily we had our thinking caps on and figured if our flight was delayed because of the storm how many other flights leaving Newark where delayed? We where already in Boston 3 hours and decided to ask if we could catch a direct flight home instead of going to Newark then finding a flight home. We where in luck there was a flight about to leave so we grabbed tickets, checked our luggage and headed to the security check line. Of course the line moves super slow the flight we where scheduled on was starting to board as we got to the gate.

We ended arriving home at 10pm instead of our original 11pm from Newark. The next morning I checked my phone and saw there was a travel update the the flight we where scheduled to be on from Newark was leaving at 6:15am and scheduled to land at 9:06am so thank goodness we swapped and didn't have to spend the night at the airport!

I'm sad the trip is over we had such a wonderful time and I miss it already!!

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