Sunday, August 12, 2012

024 Grille

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Trying to take advantage of Houston Restaurant Weeks we like to try as many new restaurants as we can.  We met up with some friends at the 024 Grille which is located in the Westin Hotel. They also have a lounge area which is really cool with a huge water wall.

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While we looked over the menu we snacked on the bread and butter. We all decided the walnut raisin bread was amazing.

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In addition to the Restaurant Week Menu I ordered a bowl of the Shrimp Bisque $10 (with lemon crème fresh). Loved the flavor of this bisque and I would recommend ordering it again.

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For the first course we each ordered something different which ended up being all 3 items on the menu. Crispy Calamari $10 (Sweet Peppadew’s, Romesco), Grilled Jumbo Gulf Shrimp $14 (Crispy okra, sweet corn, smoked cocktail sauce), Coastal Crab Cakes $14 (blue crabmeat, spicy orange chili sauce, sautéed spinach).

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We where not fans of the calamari, it just reminded me of fish sticks. The grilled shrimp and crab cakes where both really good and I would order them again.

Next came an Intermezzo of passion fruit sorbet. Honestly I could have eaten a whole carton of this!

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For the second course we all ordered one of the items on the menu. Wasabi Pea Crusted Ahi Tuna $28 (chilled béarnaise, sweet soy), 10 NY Strip $35 (black truffle mac and cheese, 024 green peppercorn sauce béarnaise, sweet soy), Surf and Surf $29 (salmon meuniere, blue crab, creamy stone-ground grits, brown butter Florentine). The 10 oz steak wasn’t that good, but the mac and cheese is really good. The Ahi Tuna was a huge hit as was the surf and surf.

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By the time the third course came we where getting pretty full. Praline-Pecan Cheesecake $8 (chili spiked dark chocolate), Lavender Crème Brulee $8 (fresh berries, lemon madeleine cookie). Both desserts where good, however if you want a richer dessert then you’ll want the cheesecake the brulee was done perfectly and satisfied any dessert lover.

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I would for sure go back, the main complaint I had was that for being there at 6pm on a Sunday and only having 4 other tables seated it way too long for the service. We didn’t leave till almost 9pm. Our waitress was useless and didn’t fill water glasses, forgot wine orders and any other request we had she seemed to ignore.They also comp parking, but when we tried leaving the ticket she gave us didn’t work. For just D and I we would have spent $103 if we ordered off the regular menu, but with the Restaurant Week price of $35 a person we saved $33. Not too bad!

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