Monday, January 16, 2012

Tree House - CLOSED

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Hubby and I decided to try a new place that opened up in our area called Tree House Mexican Baja Grill. We mainly went because we had a coupon, I hate paying full price on a place I’m not sure if it’ll be any good. We went a Monday night after getting back in town so it was a little slow. The hostess was sitting at a table with her laptop so we had to wait for her to save her work before she greeted us. The inside has lots to look at and the floors where really slippery even wearing tennis shoes I almost fell twice before getting to our table.
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Our waiter was also the bartender. I think they only had 2 guys on staff and they must have been helping in the kitchen too, because we didn’t see much of either one. We got chips and salsa while looking over the menu. Both of the dips where ok, nothing to wow about.
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The happy hour margarita was $3.50. I thought it was ok, but hubby wasn’t over the moon about it.
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For the entrĂ©e I ordered the Fajitas for 1 for $12.99. I really liked the beef better, but for the leftovers the beef had a meaty flavor and wasn’t as good. The chicken just had no flavor at all.
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D ordered the Enchiladas al Carbon $9.99 (Corn tortilla filled with beef, or chicken fajita meat, topped with gravy, melted cheese and chile con carne.) We didn’t care for this, there wasn’t much meat, and it didn’t have any flavor.
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I more than likely won’t be going back. The location is in a high turnover area so I don’t see this one lasting longer than the lease they signed anyway.

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